Drama Camp 2020 Has Been Cancelled. Refunds will be issued 7/20.

Thank you to everyone who enrolled and has continued to support Encore! with your well wishes and donations while we wait for the opportunity to resume our programming.

Encore’s third annual drama camp will be one-week long, August 10-14. Students grades 4th–12th may participate on a first come, first served basis. Grade groups for acting are 4th–6th, 7th–9th, and 10th–12th. Up to 15 students can be accommodated in each age group. Grade groups for music and dance are 4th–8th and 9th–12th.

Encore will take measures to keep campers safe while attending camp, but parents must sign a waiver on arrival assume all risks.

Students and teachers are welcome to wear masks, but are not required to. As this is an arts-focused camp, voices and facial expressions are a big part of the program.

If your family feels uncomfortable with the given COVID situation, you are advised not participate in this camp.

Dates: August 10–14, 2020. Living Hope Church, 3030 Schoolhouse Rd, Middletown, PA 17057

Acting! dance! and music!  Classes are limited to 15 students in each age group. 

Our instructors are Jill Panyard, Debra Macut, and Robin Stutzman for acting classes; Coleen Steindel for music classes; and Dena McKell for dance classes. Bethany Stutzman, Musical Theater major and former Encore! member, will assisted.

Cost: $150/non-member, $100 Bye Bye Birdie cast member


TIME Grades 4-6  Grades 7–9*  Grades 10–12   
9:00 – 10:30 acting acting acting  
10:35 – 12:05 acting acting acting  
12:10 – 12:40 lunch lunch lunch  
12:45 – 2:15 dance dance music  
2:20 – 3:50 music music dance  

*9th graders join grades 10th-12th for music/dance in the afternoon.

What to Bring

Each student will need to bring jazz shoes and tap shoes for dance. You can often find them used online. Wear comfortable, modest clothes that you can easily move in. Girls, please do not wear skirts or dresses unless you have leggings underneath. No short shorts please. For acting classes, wear covered-toe shoes-no flip flops.

Please bring a lunch and water bottle.

Acting Classes

Encore’s Acting Camp will again be a well-rounded experience with challenging and fun acting exercises and games that will utilize the tools and techniques an actor uses on stage. The second class will focus on the written word with interpretation, understanding and performance. Students will work together and individually, creating characters using their bodies, voices and imaginations. There will not be a formal performance, but parents are welcome to attend the last class to enjoy what their children have created.

Music Class

The Music class will help students develop their pitch, tone and volume. They will learn to find their God-given singing voices and learn to understand and sing harmony. The exercises and songs chosen will challenge students to grow and they will get excited as they listen to the beautiful sounds they make together.

Dance Class

Dance class will be another fun and educational experience. Students will be divided by ability so those new to dance are as welcome as the experienced. Several forms of dance will be taught, including tap. Students will learn the steps, music, rhythms as well as some of the culture behind the dances. There will also be instruction on how dancing on the stage differs from everything else. Two very experienced teachers will get students moving and jumping as they learn broad and intricate steps.

Experience is not necessary for any of the classes offered in this camp. Teachers are well-versed in keeping all students involved no matter their level of knowledge.

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